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South African web-developer living and working in Cape Town.

“if you’ve been using Subversion, your …

“if you’ve been using Subversion, your brain is a little bit, um, how can I say this politely? You’re brain damaged” and other wonderful ways of politely telling you that you shouldn’t try to use distributed source control (Mercurial, git etc.) like you did Subversion. It is different but it is better. Don’t use the cheat sheets. Don’t try to subversion your git repo. Go with the git, Mercurial way. You’ll be happier.


Got a new laptop today and installed the…

Got a new laptop today and installed the following essentials on it; Adium (IM), Backdrop, Dropbox, Echofon (Twitter), FileZilla (FTP), Firefox, git, Google Chrome, OmniGraffle (diagrams), Quicksilver (app launcher), Spotify, TextMate (text editor), and XCode. Already installed was Subversion, MySQL, Rails, iTunes. I use GMail and Google Calendar so don’t need email or calendar apps. Trying to find an alternative for the expensive Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop. Looking at Acorn and DrawIt for now.