Sad reading this letter from Palm’s CEO…

Sad reading this letter from Palm’s CEO about the worse than expected sales of Palm products. I like my Palm Pre, webOS is excellent but it’s hard to explain why I’ve gone back to an iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3G is frustrating mainly due to its lack of multi-tasking (copying and pasting a URL from an email into a tweet is dead easy on the Palm Pre, a Pain In The Arse on an iPhone.) The Palm Pre is a better phone too. But the iPhone has better apps (better games mainly) and much of my professional work has been around the iPhone in the past year. It’s scale is hard to argue with, a river you are mad to swim against. webOS represents a better mobile model than iPhone OS in my opinion but Apple executes everything else better. Colleagues just like the iPhone better and those willing to think more tend to pick Android phones as they are geeks and Android is still a geek’s wet dream. Palm the company has to do better if they expect to beat the iPhone. They can’t just make a lovely OS.


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