Aardvark is a grower. I started using it…

Aardvark is a grower. I started using it a few months ago but with a fair amount of skepticism. Questions answered via social networking techniques? Sounds lovely but I doubted it would deliver. And to be honest I haven’t used it much for questions. I still answer most of my questions using Google. Instead I’ve been answering questions, 40 to date. I feel like I have helped people which is a compelling way to engage with users. I interact with Aardvark primarily through IM, a better IM bot I have not used before. It respects my IM status and is quick and easy to use, far quicker than a website or iPhone app. Google have bought Aardvark. I am excited if a bit worried, Google has a middling record when it comes to user facing services (e.g. Dodgeball and Jaiku.) Potentially Google can provide Aardvark with a far greater understanding of the web and its social connections. I hope this merger goes well as Aardvark is a clever and well put together system.


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  1. I often run Aardvark in my classroom lectures. I ask an overhead question to the class and when no one can answer it, I send it to @vark and let the chat box open until the item gets answered. We normally have a result within 40 minutes.

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