Privacy Icons is to privacy policies wha…

Privacy Icons is to privacy policies what Creative Commons is to copyright/left policies. An attempt to clarify and pre-empt user concerns and questions. One question they have is “why would a company use a ‘bad’ privacy icon?” e.g. “we will sell your data to third parties” And fair enough, most companies are not going to make that information easy to find or decipher. So why not have a user contributed, non-legally binding wiki of Privacy Icons? Let anyone assign icons to any company, good and bad. You can then look up a company’s Privacy Icon profile before you sign-up and start telling them your secrets.


One thought on “Privacy Icons is to privacy policies wha…”

  1. I’d just listened to Gary McGraw’s interview with Lori Cranor on this topic. Her point of view was of something similar to the nutritional icons on cereal boxes. Sounded like a better idea than the legalese that plagues most sites and products today.

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