The obvious addition to Tim Van Damme’s…

The obvious addition to Tim Van Damme’s Apple computer package concept is an iPhone slot on the tablet. Slide-in mania, seems good at first but there are some problems. In the end I’d say you’d simply want the tablet to tether wirelessly to the iPhone leaving you free to pick-up calls on the iPhone without first having to slide it out or un-clip it. I would like to see the storage on the iPhone be available as a proper drive to the tablet though.

Another change to Tim’s idea would be to hang the tablet off the side of the desktop rather than slide it in. You can then use it as a secondary information display rather than hiding it uselessly behind the main desktop screen.

Overall the idea is one of a local-storage cache with peripheral devices providing interfaces and comms to that storage. On the move you have a mobile UI (iPhone OS), in your office a desktop and in Starbucks a laptop with a keyboard and decent screen while on the couch or on the loo you have the tablet with a large touch-screen.

I do see the local-storage as a cache though with persistence pushed out to the “cloud.” Cloud files being available on-demand over WiFi or 3G. Local-storage is for recently used files and files you know you need when not online (rare) or that are too big for fast access over today’s wireless networks.