The thinking behind, and reason for, Goo…

The thinking behind, and reason for, Google Chrome OS is illustrated in this video. It may seem childish, even a bit annoying, but the man has a point. When my laptop boots up it takes well over a minute to load my browser and get me to my email, Twitter, RSS feeds etc. My first hour at work everyday involves nothing on my laptop. I’m catching up on stuff stored and running on the internet. Some days it is all I do, I don’t touch a single document stored on my laptop. I read, I write, I research, I store, all on the internet. Not my laptop. Days when I do some coding involve a text-editor and some shell commands, all which push stuff to my browser. I’ve not yet found an online text-editor that beats the native TextMate but that day is not far off and will be greatly helped if there is no separation, no jump between my browser and my OS. That jump is important, when you alt-tab between Firefox and iTunes. Promote the browser to first-class citizen and I believe something interesting is going to happen.


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