Interesting Daring Fireball post on the …

Interesting Daring Fireball post on the “OS opportunity” and how a return to a multitude of OSs is not the interoperability and compatibility nightmare that it was in the old days before DOS. Mainly due to the Internet and the web. Build a web browser for your own OS and you go a long way to supporting many “apps” and formats. A web browser gives a new OS email, word processing, spreadsheets, image editing, photo sharing, video and audio editing, accounting, instant messaging, group collaboration and on and on. Not natively but Google Chrome may just show us how little we need native apps. I’ve been a little bit worried that app phones are dividing the market for users and developers with their different OSs but having recently swapped from an iPhone to Palm Pre I haven’t been significantly impacted on what I can do with my app phone. The browser on the Palm Pre works much the same as the browser on the iPhone and I have access to all my important files and functions. App phone OSs can be scaled up to larger devices, as we are seeing with Android. Interesting times.


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