Good piece on Dawkins’s book, The Great…

Good piece on Dawkins’s book, The Greatest Show on Earth.

This brings me to the intellectual flaw, or maybe it’s a fault just of tone, in Dawkins’s otherwise eloquent paean to evolution: he has let himself slip into being as dogmatic as his opponents. He has become the Savonarola of science, condemning the doubters of evolution as “history-­deniers” who are “worse than ignorant” and “deluded to the point of perversity.” This is not the language of science, or civility. Creationists insist evolution is only a theory, Dawkins that it’s only a fact. Neither claim is correct.


3 thoughts on “Good piece on Dawkins’s book, The Great…”

  1. I disagree, the author of that article seems quite ignorant on evolution, and attempts to muddy the waters by introducing uncertainty:
    “We don’t speak of Darwin’s fact of evolution. So is evolution a fact or a theory?”

    Suggesting that one of recent history’s greatest evolutionary bioligists “doesn’t know what a theory is” is quite a claim from the author of “The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures”

    1. Has a point though that Dawkins is using the same rhetorical and shrill methods that the religious use. I can’t get past Dawkins methods, they grate my atheistic bones.

      1. Fair enough 🙂 I know a bunch of atheists who feel the same about him.

        I tend not to pay too much attention to his god bashing as I am already convinced that his assertions are correct, and find him quite repetitive.

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