I think for the most part people realise…

I think for the most part people realise that the Anglo employee at the end of the phone didn’t cause this mess.” Then who did? Your customers asking for risky loans? The international market for tripping over and landing on you? Bertie? Your CEO? Hang on a second, your CEO is an employee of Anglo. So is his subordinates and their subordinates and so on until it reaches you, the employee of Anglo handling whatever money matters you handle. You made decisions on customers, right? You assessed risk and felt bullish, gave money were maybe you shouldn’t have? When the company I work for does badly I too am responsible. If the top brass doesn’t communicate then I am partly responsible for giving them a kick up the pants. You should talk to your boss who talks to her boss who talks to the CEO. You talk to colleagues and peers who do the same thing. A company is made of people, an organisation made of thousands of decisions taken each and every day. I’m not going to throw rocks at Anglo employees but I would like to know why they think 5 guys at the top are the only ones responsible. This isn’t the military or a dictatorship. You can question things, you can take action. Take responsibility and sort the mess out, or better yet, avoid the mess in the first place by doing a good job.


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