makes programming telephony ap… makes programming telephony applications dead simple. I may have spent the last 3 years in a telecommunications research center but I still find telecoms and telcos mind-numbling dense and complex. At heart I am a web guy. I don’t want to have to ask for permission to host and run a script or provide a service. Tropo fits my needs very well. You can programme it in JavaScript or Ruby (and many other languages), you sign-up on the web, upload files over the web and test your applications over the web. You get free, and immediate, Skype numbers for your applications. You can edit your application and debug in seconds, no waiting for provisioning or telco approval. Want to see it in action? This 11 line Ruby script I wrote is hosted on Tropo. It returns my latest Twitter message over a voice-call. The simplest way to test it is to Skype this number: +99000936 9991429117

(Thanks to Shane Dempsey for linking me to Tropo.) §