@Eirepreneur asked me about watching Ice…

@Eirepreneur asked me about watching Ice Age 3 in 3D at Storm Cinema in Waterford. It was quite effective with several scenes making me want to reach out in the dark cinema to touch snow flakes or leaf fronds. One canyon racing/flying scene made good use of peripheral vision. I vaguely remember a few other scenes which zoomed out with characters and objects seeming to come from around you and into the main scene. On the other hand I was always aware of the big, black 3D glasses I had to wear and even took them off a few times to rest my eyes. There were also scenes where the 3D world distracted you from scene playing out in front of you. It was also obvious that the film makers had to curtail the full use of 3D to ensure the film still worked in 2D. I think that, supporting both formats, is a stumbling block for 3D films. If they make the film to work in 2D then at best the 3D elements are eye candy and not essential and at worst are distracting or damaging to the art of the film. The other problem is film makers are in kindergarten with regards to using 3D as a film tool. We have come a long way with 2D film with many refined creative techniques. The best 2D films already know how to draw you into their worlds and make you part of the story. 3D needs to lose the glasses and become more subtle, a tool to put you in the film world rather than a gewgaw to simply entertain you. The alternative is full 3D immersion and I don’t think that will work very well in a cinema with 200 other people and their seats. §


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