is today’s Tuesday Push. The … is today’s Tuesday Push. The idea is simple; post projects with the skills/help you are looking for and people can apply. The site is well designed and creating a project is easy though I couldn’t select any county other than Armagh due to a validation error. Once your project is created it goes into the main list and applying to help with the project is equally easy. Unfortunatley there are not many projects in the system yet and my day old project has had no applicants apart from my tests. Furthermore I cannot see those test applications anywhere on the site. I’m not sure if I am missing something obvious or if the system is broken. On the whole is a bit too simple. Its main value would be if it took off and became the digital project hub of Ireland, then it would have value. But that is a marketing challenge, not a technical one. I hope it improves and becomes popular but right now it is probably too early in development to be really useful. §