An Taoiseach wants Ireland to produce it…

An Taoiseach wants Ireland to produce its own Google, Microsoft or Nokia. Good goal. There is one issue though; as far as I know none of these companies started through government initiatives or funds. Microsoft started “in a garage” with college drop-outs, Google started with the founders maxing out their credit-cards. Nokia started in 1865 as a paper-mill and went into telecoms in 1960. How about other high-tech companies? Apple, Sun, Oracle, IBM. Even traditional IBM didn’t start as a government initiative. The others are notoriously anti-tradition. I’d love to know which successful high-tech companies began thanks to direct government funds. What Ireland needs to do is provide the digital and business infrastructure to let start-ups flourish. It should get out of the way and politicians should not think pressing-flesh is going to create the Irish Google. §


4 thoughts on “An Taoiseach wants Ireland to produce it…”

  1. iona, baltimore both got EI and EU (framework) backing.
    most take .gov/EI money along the way.

    and the EI network with politicos involved has been pretty successful in silicon valley.
    i was very skeptical until I saw it in action. they are first class when they go at it.

    but I agree. They then need get out of the way.

    1. I’d be interested to see at what stage they took funding and how much it impacted on their success/failure. Easy government funding can generate lackadaisical attitudes that credit-card repayments don’t.

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