Early days but Google Squared is interes…

Early days but Google Squared is interesting. Give it a group, e.g. South African Presidents, and using search it creates a spreadsheet like table of data. It automatically picks columns and fills them with what it thinks is the right data e.g. birthdate. What is really interesting is you can suggest alternative values and add new columns. When you add a new column that Google is unaware of you can use Google search to find the values and insert them (it could be done better as it just opens the search in a separate tab.) I assume that over time what was unstructured data that Google couldn’t figure out becomes structured data through the actions of millions of people correcting and adding values. A Wikipedia in spreadsheet form. The benefit is long-term here, this isn’t an immediately useful tool. Rather I see it providing structured data with less of the slog work currently associated with it. §


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