Some interesting thoughts in The Case fo…

Some interesting thoughts in The Case for Working With Your Hands. We knowledge workers may look slight askance at the plumber, the electrician, the mechanic and the ditch digger but sometimes, while sitting in our cubicles pushing pixels around, we feel a tinge of envy or we at least wonder if these physical jobs have more tangible meaning and satisfaction. I do think we can all too easily glamorise these jobs though. There are plenty of cubicle dwellers who chose their jobs for the same mindless reason a man might cling to his hard but tangible ditch digging job. And just as a blue collar worker doesn’t see the white collar workers troubles so the reverse happens. Money might be traded for the stress of responsibility. A brick layer might think his foreman is an idiot but give him a day in the foreman’s shoes and lets see what he feels then. One error in the article though is “You can’t hammer a nail over the Internet.” Tell that to the countless factory workers replaced by robots from Japan. On the whole though after a week of programming I do find satisfaction in putting together a wooden shelf, maintaining the petrol lawn-mower or even just cooking a good meal. I just couldn’t do any of those as a job day in and day out. It ends with a more meaningful quote “Everyone is rightly concerned about economic growth on the one hand or unemployment and wages on the other, but the character of work doesn’t figure much in political debate.” What is the character of your work? §


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