Google Wave looks like a real-time colla…

Google Wave looks like a real-time collaborative document editor with a “communications” bent. Not sure that is going to fly, not when the rest of the web has gone nuts for 140 character plain-text messaging. §


3 thoughts on “Google Wave looks like a real-time colla…”

  1. Ah, Paul… The rest of the web is so much bigger than the 140-char, IM-ExPat crowd. There are still actual conversations locked up in forums, web-bbs systems, blog comments… each with incompatible structures, formatting options, APIs… No idea if Wave will prove to be a key to unlock these, but it has some potential – just imagine your favorite specialist PHPBB sites, programming forums, and the comments on your blog all exposed via a common API and protocol, exposed by whichever interface best suits your needs. Breaking down the walls between the disparate IM, “microblogging”, status updates, commenting, and collaboration services rather than building yet another provider-only service.

    Beats a future of communication built on a single, proprietary, lowest-common-denominator provider…

  2. Does Google Inc mind that at 13mins into the video, the demonstrating guy is using Firefox instead of Google Chrome browser? Interested in a response to this. Here’s the URL of the youtube video btw, it is 1h20mins


    1. I do not think they mind. They are just making a showcase of a feature. It is stated explicitly in the video that Wave is compliant with IE, Safari and Firefox as well as Chrome. Google’s strategy is very different from Apple’s. Their strategy is to be agnostic about the users’ OS and applications. That’s what makes them universal.

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