For TSSG TED Friday today we watched two…

For TSSG TED Friday today we watched two interesting videos. Dan Dennett on dangerous memes looks into how human evolution has been co-opted by memes, that biological imperatives (procreation, survival etc.) are being beaten by ideas. “Ideas to die for” sums it up nicely; freedom, truth, communism, capitalism, Catholicism etc. These are all memes that have in replication compelled people to death. He calls for memetics to be studied dispassionately, scientifically. Ray Kurzweil on how technology will transform us shows that technological evolution is exponential, fitting neatly into his idea that we are approaching a singularity. One interesting point is that of paradigms following each other. For example as we reach the end of the life of transistors (as they reach atomic sizes that we can no longer miniaturize further) there is pressure to find the next paradigm of computing power. Computing power still grows exponentially even though Moore’s Law reaches its conclusion. §


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