O’Reilly talks about doing “stuff that…

O’Reilly talks about doing “stuff that matters” and Decisions For Heroes would seem to be doing just that. D4H is analytics for search and rescue teams. Teams log their training-exercises, searches and rescues over time and are then able to plot it on maps looking for patterns. They can dig deep into their records to see such things as which team member has the most experience with a certain injury or area.

Now, I dislike reading puff pieces. The Tuesday Push shouldn’t be brown nosing and back slapping because “they are Irish”. The fact is I haven’t been able to use Decisions for Heroes as it is a pay service with no trial-plan (well done to the team for having the guts to charge for their service). The premise seems sound though and the marketing and public areas of the website are well put together. The team behind it have experience in search and rescue and real search and rescue teams have had D4H in their hands for months now. I look forward to hearing how D4H has helped real teams in the months and years to come. §


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