The opening sequence of Star Trek is lik…

The opening sequence of Star Trek is like no other Trek that has come before. By the closing sequence you have been transported to a new Trek-verse ripe with potential. Actors who can take on the mantles of Kirk and Spock and a production style that finally puts Star Trek in the future all the while remaining true to Star Trek canon. This new movie has that one essential Star Trek quality; spirit. The spirit to boldly go were no one has gone before. With a Kirk swagger, a Spock’s dispassion, the fatalistic glee of Bones, the earnest comedy of Chekov, a can-do from Scotty, the camp of Sulu and the unflappable Uhuru. I found myself laughing out loud in wonder during the movie. “That’s Bones!” I stage-whispered to my fianceé as Karl Urban made him instantly recognisable. In the final moments you see Chris Pine take on Shatnerisms with aplomb and the universe does not end as Zachary Quinto meets Leanord Nimoy. Can yoy imagine pretending to be Spock and then having to face Leanord Nimoy? My god man! The final character in the movie is J.J. Abrams’ lens-flares. Over the top at times they nonetheless lent an added dimension that he describes as “the idea that the future was so bright it couldn’t be contained in the frame.” I can go on but you would be better off going and seeing Star Trek for yourself. Whether you are a Trekkie or not the movie offers up entertainment and nostalgia in spades. I want to go see it again and I want the next J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie yesterday. §


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