A couple more things about Star Trek. We…

A couple more things about Star Trek. We get to see more of the internal workings of the Enterprise during these 2 hours than in all the previous movies and series put together. Pipes, valves, scaffolding, nuclear containment “wessels”, steam condensers and not a blessed conduit in sight. We also get to see the oft-alluded to but rarely seen 800+ members of the crew going about their work, keeping the ship going. The ship feels big, you get to see whole decks rather than just the bridge and engineering. The phaser fight scenes actually involve beams of light that don’t travel at the speed of paper-mache. Not quite light-speed I imagine but a lot less stilted and a lot more thrilling than any previous Star Trek fight scene. There were no paper-mache boulders either or rubber monsters. Did anyone else think of Luke Skywalker downed on Hoth and fighting the Rancor when Kirk was marooned? That scene felt like a homage to Star Wars! And I had no idea Sulu could fight so well, with a collapsible sword no less. That wasn’t fencing, that was bludgeoning.


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